Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Online

Game of Thrones watch has just started. With seven episodes in Season 7, we still have six episodes to go counting tonight. (Let’s not even talk about how we’re going to feel a month from now.) Season 7 Episode 2, titled “Stormborn,” premieres tonight on HBO at 9 p.m. Eastern. Last week, we got to see Arya take out the entire Frey clan and then have an awkward encounter with some Lannister guards. We saw the Hound confront the deaths of an innocent family and then have a crazy fire vision of the White Walkers. Bran finally made it to Castle Black, Littlefinger is still really into Sansa, and Jon and Sansa are having a few disagreements. Dany finally got home to Dragonstone, and Cersei is preparing for war despite having few allies at this point in time. She did, however, find a surprising new — and untrustworthy — ally in Euron Greyjoy. You will likely want to watch S07E02 live so a single moment isn’t spoiled. If you don’t have cable, we’ve put together the perfect list for you to livestream the second episode

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